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Stein Chiropractic and Sports Clinic
Average rating:  
 56 reviews
 by Dee Raisler

My Experience at Stein Chiropractic Clinic has been very professional
and helpful in my back pain. I have been surprised at how much better
my neck and back pain have been.
It is very enjoyable and the staff
are all very positive.

 by Sig Hellickson

Right from the start the employees of Stein Chiropractic have been friendly, courteous, helpful, and professional. They have also been accommodating. I get treated like an actual person. The services provided are affordable and reasonably priced as well. I have seen a great deal of improvement in regards to the pain I had and my other issues as well.
The most surprising thing I would say is how they treat me like a valued person, and how accommodating they have been to work around my schedule. Stein Chiropractic is also very prompt. I don’t show up early just to have to wait forty-five plus minutes after my scheduled appointment to receive treatment.
The water filled heating pads are divine and I wish they could hand them out like lollipops, which really isn’t realistic. I suppose there is always room for improvement somewhere, but right now I, have no idea of where that might be.

 by anonymous

The staff at Stein Chiropractic
Are very friendly and willing to
work on me to make me feel
I was surprised by the technique
of putting everything into place
with an activator.
I am looking forward to getting to
feel better (SOON).

 by Shawn Smith

My experience with Stein Chiropractic has been excellent. I was pleased that my pain and discomfort have been significantly reduced.

 by Natalie Evans

Overall, things seem to be going in the right direction. The Doctor and staff have been professional, helpful and kind. I am glad that x-rays were taken and a plan for healing has been worked out for my comfort.
I was surprised to find out that a lot of pain in my shoulder and lack of sleep was coming from my neck.
I can now lie a little longer on my left side. I can now sleep longer than I have for years.
I am surprised that I didn’t pay more attention to my pain and discomfort and I am thankful for relief so far.

 by Jessica Wilhelm

I am very pleased with every visit I have had so far. My hip, neck and back have not felt this good for a long time. Scheduling is easy and the employees are great people.
The fact that I had x-rays surprised me. Never have I been to an office where they actually took the time to diagnose what is actually going on underneath. I have only had adjustments in the past from other offices.

 by Ron Smith

My experience with Stein Chiropractic is very positive. I feel it is helping.
I was surprised that I am able to sleep on my shoulder and turn my head.

 by Robert Shilling

I have no complaints
about Stein Chiropractic.
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
I like that I can get appointments to fit my schedule. I have better mobility since getting chiropractic help.

 by John Munsell

My experience at Stein Chiropractic has been excellent. I have had little if any lower back pain for a couple months. My neck pain is greatly diminished.
It surprised me that Dr. Stein’s “less invasive” treatment method has worked.
I am greatly pleased.

 by Kirk Sturdevant

I had originally gone in for a piercing pain in my lower back. After treatment from Dr. Stein and doing the exercises he assigned I have little to no pain. He is very personable and his staff has been amazing.
I was surprised by how quickly my back seemed to feel better.
I’m a man of few words, but thank you! My experiences with your office have been phenomenal!

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